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Stroller Strides®

Our mission is to help you make strides in fitness, motherhood and life! Our classes are meant to give you a total body workout and can be modified for any level of exercise. In just one hour, you will get a full body workout leaving you ready and energized for what the day brings! Taught by certified and specially trained fitness instructors, Stroller Strides is a great workout for any level of exerciser. Stroller Strides instructors weave songs and activities into the routine designed to entertain and engage baby, while moms are led through a series of exercises specific to her role as mom.

Being Prepared
Please bring water, sun block (if outside), and any other essentials to keep you and your baby happy. Always make sure you eat a healthy breakfast or light snack before coming to class - this is especially important if you are a nursing mother. In addition, you should consider bringing a post-class snack with you, especially if you plan to stick around after class for awhile!

What If My Baby Doesn't Like the Stroller?
I always tell new moms "you never know until you try". Even babies that normally do not enjoy the stroller will often do great in class. Seeing other babies with their moms in class helps the baby know that it is time for class and time to stay in the stroller. This is the first step to teaching your child patience! We play games and sing songs in class to engage you baby and are always on the move. It also helps to have a special "stroller toy" that your child can look forward to playing with in the stroller only and, of course, favorite snacks always help. You never know until you try!

Fussy Babies
Even the calmest of babies has a bad day sometimes! There may be days where you have to stop to feed or leave class due to a fussy baby. We stop in regular intervals for body toning, so you can always catch up with us if you fall behind. If your baby ever fusses so much that you miss class, we will be happy to credit you another class. Our instructors will do their very best to make class enjoyable for both you and your baby.

Staying in the Stroller
We know your kids often want to get out of the stroller and join in the class, but we really encourage you to keep your children in the stroller. Their safety is our biggest priority!

Our Village Tampa Bay
Join us for playdates, mom's night out, and other community events throughout the month through Our Village! Check out our upcoming events here, plus join our North Pinellas, Brandon, or Tampa Facebook groups! Not on Facebook? Join us on Meetup.com!

Our pricing per class is never more than $18! Prices drop as low as under $4 per class when you choose our Unlimited pass and attend class 3-5 days a week. We also have a working mom's membership, a teacher's pass, and more! If you need help finding the best option for you, please don't hesitate to ask.

We look forward to having you and your baby in class! Please don't hesitate to contact us with questions or suggestions.

In Stride,
Regina Hord & Andrea Bowe, Owners
Tampa Bay Fit Moms Inc.